Review: The Samurai That Night

(Masaaki Akahori, 2012)

While it is somewhat important to note that The Samurai That Night is a film very much comprised of two halves, it is similarly imperative to know that the film is not a samurai film in the strictest, most commonly identified sense. Helmed by accomplished stage actor and director Masaaki Akahori, who also derived the screenplay from one of his own plays, the film is a modern spin on a well known subgenre in Asian cinema, that of the samurai film and their story’s of revenge and honour. While his debut film is fuelled by one character’s pursuit of retribution, it takes an entirely different approach to what is effectively a story of good versus evil, though it plays out on a more peculiar and introspective level, slowly focusing on the various ramifications of a shattering tragedy. (Continue reading here)


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