Rolling Roadshow Retro Movie Posters

The Alamo Drafthouse’s 2010 Rolling Roadshow Tour is a series of events taking place in America which goes across the country and shows a collection of free screenings of classic movies. These screenings take place outdoors in the places they were filmed and/or where they were taken place, so for example Robocop will be screened at Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center and Jackie Brown can be viewed at Los Angeles’ Del Amo Fashion Mall and so on and so forth. The screenings also feature special guests, merchandising and more, just to make this original event even more amazing.

The posters for the films have been redesigned by Artist Olly Moss, a British artist whose brilliant artwork can usually be found in monthly issues of EMPIRE Magazine. His website is: and his work should definitely be checked out.

 Rolling Roadshow Tour dates:

Aug. 6 – JACKIE BROWN at Los Angeles’ Del Amo Fashion Mall

Aug. 7 – DIRTY HARRY at San Francisco’s Washington Square Park

Aug. 8 – THERE WILL BE BLOOD at California’s Kern County Museum

Aug. 8 – CONVOY & RED DAWN Double Feature at the Ft. Davis Drive-In in Las Vegas, NM

Aug. 13 – THE BLUES BROTHERS at Chicago’s Joliet Prison

Aug. 14 – ROBOCOP at Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center

Aug. 19 – ROCKYTHON! (ROCKY I-III) at the Philadelphia Art Museum

Aug. 20 – ON THE WATERFRONT at Hoboken’s Pier A Park

Aug. 27 – THE GODFATHER Part II on a Manhattan rooftop near Little Italy


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