Meet the Little Fockers

Here is the initial trailer for the second sequel in the ‘Focker’ franchise, entitled ‘Little Fockers’ for all too obvious reasons.

To say the film looks original would be a far stretch, as it’s obviously reusing old  jokes seen in both its preceeding films. Meet the Parents was a skillful and humorous comedy with a great premise, Meet the Fockers had its moments but failed to offer anything new or particularly memorable (though the casting of Barbra Streisad and Dustin Hoffman was inspired.) Little Fockers looks like its stuck with the same dilemma, plumbing familiar depths and featuring crudely senile jokes. Though the additions of talented actors in Laura Dern, Harvey Keitel and, erm, Jessica Alba seem promising, the absence of Hoffman will be sorely missed. And you thought humping dogs and fondue’d foreskin was the peak of this franchises’ sense of humour.

Also, if you wish to see another vehicle loaded with great performers wasted in a poor looking movie, see this:


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